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Below are a few testimonials about our workplace wellbeing services, which tell you more about the benefits of working with Zen work hub. 

Zahara was amazing! She really motivated all those who attended her classes and I really believe she would be an ideal addition in helping everyone focus more on their mental and physical health. I felt so much more energetic after the class and was raring to go for a run. I barely get off the sofa at home so was astonished that I felt like this after just one class!


Zahara is a great teacher and her classes are hard-work but a lot of fun! Not only will she adapt them to suit your needs/ability but she also makes sense that she pushes you to a comfortable level so that you get results! Each class never feels the same or repetitive and highly recommend them to everyone – no matter your fitness level!

Anna, Volume Ai

I love Zahara’s classes, she’s so energetic and keeps classes interesting by switching it up all the time! I always leave feeling like I’ve had a good workout!

Annie, Volume Ai

Having recently attended a Mindfulness Taster session hosted by Zen Work Hub at one of the ‘big 4 firms’ our team is quite interested in accessing more of these sessions… Simple techniques were introduced, yet the experience has been very impactful. Zahara’s guidance and skilful facilitation engaged the team to take a few minutes to relax, reflect and connect in the moment by creating headspace. The session provided a haven of calm and warmth amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday activities. It was an excellent taster and we are exploring how these sessions can be developed and provided alongside existing activities - to support improvements to health and wellbeing and work/life balance within the team.

Elicia, 'big 4' firm

Zahara’s HIIT classes for the staff have been really good.  They are hard work but great fun and you can work at whatever level is right for you.  It also gives teaching and support staff a chance to do something together.

She has also run sessions for students and new staff on wellbeing and stress management, which were well received.  Because she has a teaching background she understands the issues in schools and education, and that means she can really tailor her sessions to our needs.

Janet Roberts, 

Langley Grammar School

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the sessions I attended taught by Zahara. I found her to be really engaging and informative.


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