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We need a work-life balance to be successful

Zen Work Hub delivers bespoke workshops, consultations and resources focusing on professional wellbeing. Whether it is to support an individual a team or an organisation, Zen Work Hub aims to deliver a method that works for you – we understand that every sector, profession and individual is different, therefore our workshops are bespoke to suit your needs. We provide a free consultation to find out more about what is required from you and how we could work together to support your wellbeing. Equally, we provide no false promises: we fully appreciate that mental and physical wellbeing is not a quick fix and aim to help you begin developing a wellbeing ethos that works for you…and we hope to support you throughout the process! 

A bit about our founder:

Having worked in the stressful, busy and ever changing education sector, Zahara managed to find a semblance of work-life balance, whilst teaching, managing and leading different areas within schools. Zahara has 9 years of experience in education management and leadership and is also a qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor and mindfulness advocate. She introduced and launched different wellbeing strategies in the work place and now with Zen work hub, Zahara aims to supports other professionals and organisations achieve a better work life balance to suit. 

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