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School Should Be is a community, here to work with you!

Whether it be a workshop, resource or simply getting involved, School Should Be wants to work with you and more importantly, we want you to work with us! We offer a range of services, from workshops for students to training for teachers and we can't wait to bring you more! 

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A workshop for students aged 14-18 to learn about the ins and outs of blogging, from digital marketing skills, career opportunities to becoming a credible writer - Blog(ish) will show you writing is absolutely a 21st century skill! Plus, there is even a chance for students and teachers to be published on the SSB platform! 

Uncomfortable conversations

Sometimes teacher training, coaching and all the resources online aren't enough to cope with the day to day challenges that come up in the classroom. So, how do we deal with them? SSB normalises uncomfortable conversations and hosts webinars to give teachers the confidence they need to tackle these hurdles and turn them into positive relationships in the classroom.

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Teachers, leaders and students thrive in a positive, productive and safe school environments. Sometimes we're not all on the same page and the most minor miscommunications can cause major problems within school culture. A bespoke service, Zahara works with middle leaders, deputies, departments and teachers to help create a school culture that ultimately makes everyone happy, comfortable and want to go to school! 

Fancy learning more about our services?

Of course you do! Whether you're a school, home school, or educational organisation who likes what they see, get in touch below - we'd love to help! 


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