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The School Should Be

Book Club

School Should Be is very excited to bring you the #ssbbookclub (yes, we’ve created our very own hashtag; we are that cool).

The SSB Book Club is a space for young adults, students and teens to discuss books that actually make a difference. Predominantly non-fiction, we will be discussing books that help us navigate our way through adulthood, with a few jokes in between!

The current reading curriculum at school is causing kids to check out from books every single day. We want to reignite the love of reading and show young minds books can be pretty life changing and…useful!

The aim is to learn from a variety of books and support one another as we make sense of the world of work, adulting and everything in between!

We hope you find a friend, mentor or just an answer to a question…you might even find a new favourite book! Meetings will be held once a month via Zoom.

Our next meeting is Thursday May 27th @ 7pm.

Our book club read:

The Double X Economy by Linda Scott

Written by Linda Scott, The Double X Economy is about the ‘epic potential of empowering women.’ Linda Scott discusses the economic oppression of women throughout history and argues that if this were to change, everyone would be better off.  

This month’s read has been chosen by SSB Book Club member Noor, student at Aston University, who says: ‘I would really like SSB to read this for April’s book club because I think there should be more conversations in school about where gender inequality comes from and how this can change. The Double X Economy is a great place to start for this because it gives a thorough account of the historical and current status of men and women across the globe. It will also encourage more boys and girls in school to question the system that enables men more than women and why that is not an ideal outcome for any gender.‘

Do I need to read the entire book for each meeting?

Absolutely not! It would be great for you to join our Facebook group and perhaps read the first chapter (or as much as you like!) to see what you think. This is a chance to use the book as a starting point for us to delve deeper into topics, thoughts and ideas to discuss.

Where do I sign up?

Sign up below or join our Facebook group for all updates and meeting information. Plus, you can start interacting with our lovely community too!

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